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Renew your smile with Duke Street Dental Centre's Crowns. Our skilled team delivers precision and care in restoring both function and aesthetics. From personalised consultations to the final fitting, we prioritise your comfort and satisfaction. Trust us for high-quality crowns, making each visit a step towards a rejuvenated and confident smile.

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Revitalise Your Smile with Crowns: A Neat Solution for Tooth Imperfections

If unsightly teeth are spoiling your smile, crowns can offer a neat, natural-coloured cover up.

They fit completely over a whole tooth, concealing defects caused by chips, decay, discolouration or large fillings. Made from a variety of materials, including metal, porcelain, resin or ceramic, they can also be used to support a dental bridge or affixed to a dental implant.

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A Full Rebuild for Damaged Teeth

Crowns are commonly used to repair damage that has affected the structure and functionality of a tooth. As they replace the whole outside structure of the tooth, they are a full rebuild for teeth that need an overall restoration. For teeth that have had multiple fillings, extensive decay and general damage, a crown is the way forward.

In some cases, your dentist may use a crown to restore a tooth following a root canal treatment for an aesthetic and reliable finish.

Subtle Transformation with SMILE 3D Clear Aligners

For simple orthodontic cases we provide clear aligners using the SMILE 3D system.

These aligners move your teeth little by little until they reach an ideal position. Each aligner is worn for 2-3 weeks and most likely your friends won’t even notice you are wearing them!

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