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Discover modern dental care at Duke Street Dental Centre with our White Fillings service. Our discreet and natural-looking fillings seamlessly restore teeth affected by decay or damage. Custom-made to match your tooth's shade, these fillings offer both function and aesthetics for a healthier, brighter smile.

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Can Composite Fillings Enhance Your Smile’s Aesthetic Appeal?

Having a tooth filled is an incredibly common dental procedure, treating dental cavities and damage. Composite fillings offer an aesthetic repair, rebuilding teeth and restoring them back to full functionality. Dental composite is a type of resin made from a mixture of glass and plastic which, when hardened, looks just like dental enamel. It can be colour-matched to blend in perfectly with the natural tooth.

We can replace noticeable metal fillings with white replacements using dental composite.

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Why Have White Fillings?

  • They blend in beautifully with your natural teeth
  • Modern materials make them a durable choice
  • Less of the tooth needs to be removed before placement of the filling
  • They can restore decayed, chipped, worn or broken teeth